The annual Tour de SBS Agency Challenge is one of the most anticipated events on the Two de Force calendar.

When the call comes in, the team dive into research mode to come up with suitable challenge ideas to help represent the various verticals that SBS can offer to clients.

Now it its 7th year, its our role to come up with the challenges that competitors will go head to head on. Each year we need to up the ante and create an experience that is new and exciting for the 350 guests. Luckily for us, thinking outside the box is what we do best!

Firstly we booked Australian Actor and Comedian Joel Creasey to MC the evening. He was every bit inappropriate and sarcastic as we had hoped, the perfect man for the job.

The challenges kicked off with a cycling test. Teams of 2 rode mini bikes through our version of the Tour de France. The first participant, with passport in hand had to ride from Dusseldorf, Germany to France. Once at the Hofbrahaus they were to skull a German beverage from a huge stein before making their way through customs and getting their passport stamped. Here they tagged their teammate who had a sprint to the finish line.

Next up was the FIFA World Cup, competitors were instructed to wear traditional Ushanka Russian fur hats before being given 3 attempts to kick a soccer ball at a giant target.

In case the night wasn’t bizarre enough, teams then made their way onto the food challenge where they nominated pairs to assemble dolmades blindfolded, they earned extra points for eating them too!

The SBS on Demand task quickly escalated into becoming the world’s most competitive game of Bingo but that wasn’t our last surprise. During celebrations we revealed the Viceland challenge… A gigantic inflatable maze. Teams were given incomplete puzzles and then had to enter the maze and find their hidden jigsaw pieces. It was a nail-biting end to a hilariously fun event.


Two de Force, SBS and our catering team from Bayleaf worked closely to construct a delectable spread of foodie favourites with a touch of French inspired elements. All attendees were treated to an endless supply of delicious pop up food stalls, the Raclette was a huge hit along with an enormous display of Paella, rotisserie ham off the bone and a smorgasbord of fresh bread and condiments.


There are endless aspects to planning an event of this size and uniqueness. The creative process is both exciting and challenging and we relish every stage of planning and the chance to bounce crazy ideas off each other.

So its another Tour de SBS done and dusted. We sure do miss having our office filled with random items, assembling mini bikes and hangover kits while our receptionist questions the odd deliveries. Until next year SBS!