2016 marked the 6th Tour de SBS Agency Challenge, an event that Two de Force has managed since its inception and one of the most anticipated events of the year within the media industry!

The premise of the night as always is to highlight the various verticals that SBS has to offer potential advertisers and strengthen their relationships with media agencies.

Each year Two de Force has to come up with bigger and better ideas for each of the challenges and then bring them all to life! These are just some of the challenges that contestants faced in 2016

Contestants were required to ride stationary bikes for 500m. Once complete they tagged their teammate who then had to run a short distance before riding a mini mike around an inflatable course whist wearing a fat suit. This made for a very entertaining challenge!

Supermarket shopping
An impressive space that was set up to look like a supermarket isle equipped with food items and neon lights. Contestants were provided with a shopping list and trolley and had 60 seconds to find as many items as possible. What really made this challenge exciting were the obstacles they had to avoid such as sausage tasting and a janitor mopping the floor.

This set-up had guests eager from the very start. A large goal was set up and in front were rows of life size cardboard soccer players, each with a different allocation of points displayed on their jerseys. Contestants took turns kicking a soccer ball in the hope to knock down as many players as possible and earn as many points as possible.

Giant Jenga Quiz
This fun challenge-involved rows of giant jenga towers, each jenga piece had an answer to a quiz question attached to it using velcro. Teams were asked a question and had to remove the jenga pieces with the corresponding answer on it, they then removed the answer card and placed on their individual answer board. Each correct answer gave the team an allocation of points and bonus points were awarded to any jenga towers still standing at the end of the quiz. This challenge really brought out the competitive side in all the teams.

In addition to the challenges, guests were treated to a delicious food menu, flowing drinks & the opportunity to win great prizes! Always a fun & exciting event, which is loved by the industry and has people counting down until the next one!