2016 Yaffa LIVE Series

Yaffa Media is one of Australia's largest independent media companies and has remained an independent operation over the past 85 years.

The Yaffa LIVE Series, now in it's forth year, is a five-day consecutive event that hosts 7 individual conference for a variety of consumer and business-to-business media brands.

Two de Force manages the full event logistics including venue management, speaker and sponsor relations, delegate registration, budgeting and much more.

To ensure that each conference stage look & feel is designed for the individual brands, we worked closely with our production company to create a natural and organic stage design that compliments each event. This design gives us the opportunity to personalize each event through the presentation slides and audio visual, without impacting the budget.

With over 1000 delegates, 70 speakers and 35 sponsors the Yaffa LIVE Series requires a comprehensive schedule and a dedicated Event Manager.